Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Use the Spray Close Extender To Manage Insects

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This year, we opened our cottage ahead of the May long weekend to quite a few dead wood roaches and house centipedes (yes, the chill-inducing ones with long thin legs that scurry incredibly quickly along the base walls and across floors). In past years during our opening and spring cleaning period, I was often welcomed by live wood roaches to which I would angrily exclaim, “What the! Ugh!” So you can imagine my delight when finding only dead insects this time around.

I attribute this victory to our new regimen of solidly spraying under the cottage and around the inside perimeter of the cottage during the late fall. We use Knock Down™ Multi-Crawling Insect Killer with .25% Permethrin. We refer to the treatment as “perimeter insecticide spraying”.

For those unfamiliar with wood roaches, they are flat, oval-bodied with long antennae and are brownish in colour. They eat decaying organic material – something our cottage is surrounded by – and are attracted to light, which is different from most cockroaches. They live mostly in moist decaying woodland areas and evidently our damp and decaying old cottage! Typically wood roaches do not survive inside buildings, but our cottage seems to be a sanctuary for them and many other insect species.

Now, the fact female wood roaches produce about 960 eggs per year probably isn’t helping our situation either. The eggs hatch in the summer and mature the next spring with one generation of cockroaches being produced each year! The adult wood roaches are present from May through to October (aka Canadian spring and summer seasons).

Anyway, at the end of the weekend, before we left to drive back to Toronto, we once again sprayed under the cottage. We used the Knock Down™ Multi-Crawling Insect Killer along with the Knock Down™ Spray Close Extender.

What’s great about the Spray Close Extender is that it has a very long extendable pole that reaches into the belly of our deep and scary cottage crawl space so that you yourself do not need to descend into the very claustrophobic, dark and dirty crawl space with many critters, possible Mississauga rattlers (for real) and the other accumulated “stuff” that has been under the cottage for 50+ years. In some areas of the crawl space, you can’t even move about on all fours. You have to slither like a snake…a Mississauga rattler perhaps?

The Knock Down™ Spray Close Extender was perfect for minimizing how deeply my HUSBAND had to descend into the bowls of the crawl space. Personally, I refuse to go anywhere near the underbelly of the cottage and now I will never have to!

Check out this video to see how you too can use Knock Down™ products to tackle your insect problems!


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