2011 Season News

 In Company News

The 2011 Mosquito Shield season was an exceptional one, which involved a number of changes over the past few months. We have been revitalizing the brand with new outlooks and fresh ideas!
Our Development Team have been working hard on designing new and exciting products to add to the Mosquito Shield and Knock Down lines. Keep an eye out in your local retailers for our NEW Bug Shield Yellow Light Bulb and a new addition to our insect repellent line, Kids & Family Formula, containing 10% Deet.

Mosquito Shield, through this website, strives to keep you informed to new products and pertinent information that you would find helpful. Unfortunately, over the past few months with the revitalization, we have not been able to access some valuable correspondence left in the comments section. We apologize for not replying. If you need to reach us, the best way is to visit the Contact Us page and access our telephone number or our email address.

Thank you for your support, and remember to FIGHT THE BITE!!!