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Knock Down House Plant,
Flying and Crawling Bug Killer
Product Code KD115D
Pyrethrin 0.25%

DIRECTIONS: Use only in well-ventilated areas. SHAKE CAN WELL BEFORE USING. Hold container upright at least 120cm from all objects and aim nozzle away from person. Press button firmly to spray. Do NOT use this spray more then once a week. Treatment must only be repeated if the pest problem persists or reoccurs.

TO KILL INDOOR PESTS: Flying insects: Flies, Mosquitoes, wasps, Hornets, Biting midges and Flying moths. Close doors and windows. Direct mist upwards in circular motion to all parts of the room especially windows and other light sources. Apply 6-10 seconds bursts per 30m³of space. Whenever possible, keep doors and windows closed for 15 minutes after each treatment. Also direct mist into areas where insects are present. Keep spray at least 1m from interior wall, fabrics and furniture. Spray directly on insects for fastest action. Crawling Insects: Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish, Crickets, Centipedes and Carpet beetles. Spray THOROUGHLY into hiding places such as cracks, crevices, openings around sinks, drains and pipes, under refrigerators, baseboards, moist areas, behind cabinets and storage areas. ANTS: Spray ant rails, around door sills, window frames, or in ant nests. Insects must be hit to be killed. BED BUGS: Spray mattress lightly, particularly around seams and tufts. Take beds apart, spray bed frame and springs including all joints. Repeat as required. Control Fleas and Brown Dog Ticks: Spray infested areas such as pet’s beds and resting quarters, nearby cracks and crevices, along and behind baseboards, window and door frames and localized areas of floor and floor covering where these pests may be present. Remove old bedding after treatment. Insects must be contacted to be killed. DO NOT USE ON PETS! Pests on Plants: Aphids, Two Spotted Spider mites and Adult White Flies on the following plants: African Violets, Aralia, Christmas Cherry, Chrysanthemum, Cineraria, Dieffenbachia, Fuchsia, Gloxinia, Ivy. Lantana, Neath Bella Palm Petunia, Rose and Snapdragon. Spray when insects are noticed with a slow sweeping motion so the mist drifts on upper and lower leaf surface. Use with Caution on new growth and tender foliage. Repeat when necessary.

Pyrethrin from the Chrysanthemum flower Pyrethrum

  • Pyrethrum is fast acting: it quickly knocks down and kills mosquitoes, flies and other nuisance pests.
  • Pyrethrum quickly breaks down in sunlight, leaving no residue
  • Pyrethrum irritates or excites insects, increasing probability of exposure to the mist solution


Pyrethrum is a botanical insecticide produced primarily in the flowers of Tanacetum Cinerariaefolium, a species of the chrysanthemum plant family. Pyrethrum has been used effectively to control insects for decades and is non-persistent, decomposing rapidly in the environment. This rapid degradation of pyrethrins makes it an excellent choice for control of agricultural pests.